• Paul (Felix) Rieniets


    Below are a few mental ramblings that may give an insight into the life and times of Paul Rieniets.

  • Paul or Felix depending on at what stage of his life you've met him, has always been musically inspired. At an early age Paul would give concerts to his teddy bears, pet cat and the many hamsters of the neighborhood.

    Not much has changed with the exception of Paul losing his baby teeth, taking singing lessons, now has more than 1 cat and has played to of tens of thousands of audience members over the years.

    The hamsters can no longer come to the gigs, as security refuse to believe that it's thier ID.

  • Paul is still defiantly stuck in the 80's as a few old photos will show.

    Paul started singing lessons at the age of 21 after leaving original band Crunch 26 and having done some pretty dodgy lead vocals in past bands LED's & Personal Image.

    After auditioning and securing the lead role of Pippin in the 1993 production of Pippin, Paul then pursued more live theatre experience landing a number of lead roles until Jellybean Addiction became too busy for any more theatre commitments.

  • Favourite Music –

    Almost anything from the funk & disco 70's, the New Romantic 80's, and bits and pieces of rare brilliance from the 90's and the new millennium. His black vinyl collection proudly includes the entire works of Nik Kershaw, Howard Jones, Level 42 and Simply Red (see photo). After saving all of his pocket money Paul now has an iPod that also includes new found favourites such as Robbie Williams & Pink. It has been rumoured that this iPod may also include songs from the Spice Girls (before Gerri left of course!!).